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Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention. I’m sorry to hear you were involved in an accident, I hope that everyone involved is doing well. We truly aim to remain completely transparent with our customers and work with them in any way that we can. I apologize if your experience has not met our standards of service and support we aim for. We take our customer’s feedback seriously and will forward your feedback to the correct parties to ensure we are looking into your concerns further.

Please know, our Titles Department does not take calls from customers to ensure that all requests are handled in a timely manner. I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this may cause. I would like to look into the experience mentioned further, but with the information provided, I am unable to. I’d encourage you to continue to work closely with your insurance as well as our Customer Service Department, who can be reached at 800-967-8526.

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6/9/18 I hit a deer.

6/11/18 I submitted a claim to Geico.

6/13/18 My car was considered a total loss.

6/15/18 Geico uploads settlement information to app. I contact Geico to see if I need to send anything. Geico emails me the Odometer and Power of Attorney forms and tells me to complete them, have them motorized and mail them. I then contact Bridgecrest and tell them my car has been deemed a total loss by Geico. BC asked for the claim number and I gave it to them. I then contact Geico again who has already been in contact with BC since our previous conversation. Geico gives me a run down of the conversation. Geico is transferred to the total loss department. TLD requested information and supplied Geico with a fax number. Geico sent all the information on the same day.

6/27/18 I call Geico to check the status of the claim. Geico says they’re still waiting for information from BC. The rep calls BC on 3 way. The TLD rep has no information in the system regarding my claim. NONE! She doesn’t even know what we’re talking about. The TLD rep starts asking the Geico Rep a million questions about who she’s spoken with and when and THE GEICO REP HAS RECIEPTS FOR EVERY CONVERSATION, FAX, DOCUMENT, QUESTION ETC. ... I mean she was very well prepared. The TLD rep then says she’ll get right on starting the claim on 6/26 (keep in mind BC was contacted on 6/15). She gives the Geico rep her personal email address and everything. The TLD rep says it’ll take 7 to 10 days to process everything. She then asks the Geico rep what she need from her. The Geico rep says the title and guarantee of sale.

7/5/18 I call Geico to check on my claim. Geico states they are still waiting on the same two documents from BC (title & guarantee of sale). BC has only sent in paperwork contesting the settlement amount. I call BC who proceeds to tell me my claim has me processed. The rep tells me customers are no longer allowed to speak with TLD reps (probably because of the massive amount of complaints). I tell the rep to ask the TLD what’s taking then so long to process my claim. She comes back and says it should be processed by mid next week because if the holiday. I tell her it has almost been a month and she Astarte to blame Geico for the break down in communication. She says they asked for a payoff amount multiple times and never received one. I know she’s lying because they all seem to be liars at BC. I don’t need a response telling me how you can help. I need BC to implement some type of policy that considers the needs of their customers. Not providing us with any information about our claims or access to a TLD rep is stupid. Consider this ... a loved on is in the hospital and you’re not allowed to have any conversations with the surgeons, nurses or doctors providing their care. It makes no sense. The system needs to be streamlined even if it’s just allowing customers access online. BC is limiting the access of their customers because everyone is dropping the balk. It’s ridiculous. The purchasing process with DriveTime is FLAWLESS! BC is where crap hits the fan.

Excuse grammatical errors. I’m too pissed to proofread.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bridgecrest Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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