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Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate feedback of this nature, as it allows us to address your concerns and improve our services. I am sorry that you have become dissatisfied with Bridgecrest. We aim to treat each one of our customers with the utmost respect and care. I truly apologize if your service experience did not reflect our standards of support.

Please know, we want to work with all of our customers to ensure they remain successful through difficult times. For this reason, we offer multiple forms of assistance. One option is an extension, which allows us to move a payment to the back of the loan. Modifications of this nature are approved by management and never guaranteed. Should an account not be eligible for an extension, we offer payment arrangements to give our customers additional time to make a payment. The flexibility we have when setting arrangements depends on several factors, including the account status, the amount of time in the loan, and the payment history. Our representatives are available to explore the best assistance options with our customers.

Additionally, please keep in mind, all of our loans are simple interest loans, meaning interest accrues at a daily rate. For this reason, there is no grace period. Should a concern arise, our representatives may reach out to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. We understand our customers have varying schedules that may limit the amount of time we can communicate. We offer the option for our finance customers to set call window preferences in order to select the best times for us to reach out. To take advantage of this option, our customers may request them over the phone, or select them at

Again, I am sincerely sorry for any frustration or inconvenience you may have experienced. Please know, we take feedback of this nature very seriously, and will research the matter further to ensure all opportunities for improvement are pursued. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Department at 800-967-8526.

Ashley – Online Customer Service Team

I've never ever been late on a payment .. Not even when they retracted and went back on there word to push back so month for customers during hurricane Harvey, people were dealing with alot band they didn't care.

But when I recently wanted it pushed back for the first time they made so many excuses that it would be on a payment plan and that it would add to your principle. I'm like dam it's only for a week. But they will call you every single day at least 2 or three times to see when you'll pay it off. And will get an attitude with you and talk crazy I have two other cars that I've paid off in previous years and enjoyed the customer service and courtesy from other companies but Bridge crest has by far been the WORST and I'll be glad when I pay this car


I would never recommend them to anyone and they are a rip off you'll pay for a car twice dealing with them. Lessoned learned..

Poor customer service ... Beware of them period.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bridgecrest Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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