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Hello Stephanie,

I appreciate you taking the time to write a review. I’m sorry to see you are displeased with Bridgecrest. I understand transparency and clear communication are important and I truly apologize for any confusion or frustration this situation may have caused.

Please know, Bridgecrest finances simple interest loans, which have no grace period as interest accrues daily. Should a loan become inactive, interest will no longer accrue, however, a grace period is still not offered. Representatives are in place to review all available options for assistance when needed. We aim to work with our customers in any way we can to ensure they are set up for success. It is our goal is to treat every individual in a respectful and professional manner, and I genuinely apologize if the service you received did not align with the standard we strive to provide.

I would like to ensure your concerns are properly addressed. To best assist, a member of my team or I will reach out to you directly within 24-48 business hours.

Thank you,
Alicia – Bridgecrest Customer Relations
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Def the worst loan company I've ever worked with. My car has been repo'd 3 times now.

No one communicates. My payment was due on 11/28 - I talked to someone on 11/30 and advised I would make my payment on the 12th. (they have no record of this phone call - funny because it took me 25 min of being on hold to even talk to her) I went on line to which I did not have a "valid" account. I was able to pay half the payment through my set up acct w/ Western Union but wouldn't let me pay more.

I called 1st thing Monday and was on hold for 45 min and got hung up on (these happens at least once every time I call) I called back and was on hold for 20 min. I had to hang up as I was at work. My plan was to call back when I got off work. But before I could do that the tow truck came and repo'd from my job.

I called and finally got through to find out I had no "grace" period. And now instead of the remaining $240 of what was due....I know have to pay $1017 to get my car back. I managed to come up w/ $925 and called to see if that could be acceptable and was told that $998 was best they could do. My car was repo'd and I wasn't even 2 wks behind.

I find that as very bad business. And the people (esp the redemption dept) are very rude and have no "let me help you" manners. I thought about letting them keep but I've paid too much in it to let it go so now I'm frantically trying to find more money to get my vehicle back before they send it to Auction which I'm told is within 48 hrs. Meaning my cut off is tomorrow.

I was also told that I was told last time that if I didn't pay by due date it would be taken again and that is a straight up lie. I've never received any corrrespondence. My loan was for 222 every 2 wks and they changed it to $480 monthly. Not even sure if that is legal - I didn't sign a "new" contract.

I will not recommend this loan company to any one and I will certainly never do business w/ them again.

Very unhappy! If I can come up w/ the money to get it back I'm going to work on refinancing w/ another company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bridgecrest Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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