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Thank you for your feedback, as it helps us to address your concerns, as well as improve our standards for service and support. I am truly sorry about your loss; I hope the best for you and your family going forward. Please know, we aim to provide excellent service while treating each individual with the utmost respect. I deeply apologize if your experience did not match these ideals.

We understand that life can bring unexpected hardships. For this reason, we offer our customers various modifications to assist. One of these modifications is an extension, which pushes payments to the end of the loan. Another option is a frequency change, which allows a customer to change to the frequency of their due dates. We offer monthly, semi-monthly, and biweekly payment frequencies. Keep in mind, frequency changes can only be processed once in the life of the loan. Also, modification requests are subject to manager approval and are never guaranteed.

Additionally, in the event that an account is ineligible for a modification, we offer the option of payment arrangements. Payment arrangements allow customers additional time to make a payment. Our flexibility on these arrangements depends on multiple factors, such as time in the loan, payment history, and the status of the account. To explore all options for assistance, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Department at 800-967-8526.

Again, I sincerely apologize for any frustration this matter may have caused. Please know, I will be researching your service experience further to ensure all internal training opportunities are explored. If you have any additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service Department at the number provided above.

Klarissa – Online Customer Service Team

I have been buying cars and paying my car note, i have gotten behind called them up ask if i can defer a payment or if i can pay in a week the customer service rep was so rude i just told her my husband had passed away and that was the only reason i was behind and she was ok are u go make a payment, not like oh im sorry to hear that let me see what i can do for u, no no she like oh ok can u make a payment, like for real lady, only thing i ask we already paying every 2 weeks which is stupid why we cant pay once a month and why u guys don't have a defer plan?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bridgecrest Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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