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Thank you for your feedback. I truly apologize for any confusion our last response may have caused. Please know, our team does not work with automated responses as we want to ensure that communication is clear between ourselves and our customers. Keep in mind, we want to address our customers’ specific needs while maintaining their privacy.

Please know, we want to talk through all the concerns you have mentioned to come to an amicable resolution. We aim for complete transparency at all times, and our goal is to equip our customers with all the information needed to make the best decision for their situation. Should you have any concerns with your warranty, we encourage you to discuss them with your warranty provider. To better address any loan servicing questions, a member of my team will be reaching out to you directly within the next 24-48 business hours. Should you need immediate assistance, please reach out to our Customer Service Department directly at 800-967-8526.

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So i saw that bridge crest decided to reply with a auto messenger system. Not even a real person.

No one ever reached out to me first place. Second , align to your company standers? You must be kidding. Your company scammed me, at time of purchase your company offered and pushed for the added gap insurance to the loan.

But when time to apply it, ohh well we need to pick the truck up to see how bad it is. "me" ok , bridgecrest ok we got. Well we see its a total loss, so you dont want it no more? "ME" HUU its totalled, just add the gap to it and lets move on, bridgecrest, well sense we had to pick it up, we are considering this a repo, and we towed it to a local lot.

If you want ot back and the repo off your record you will have to pay 5000.00 dollars now in the next 30 days. Wait i am not behond on paymentd, oh we see that. But we had to pick it up..So i got the money together but wait , your local lot, its out of state. Pretty sure thats illegal as *** So there was no just going and picking up my truck.

You scammed me and now i found out the warranty you sold my girlfriend at the time on her car covers nothing. Even though, your sales rep got on the phone and freaking pretended to tslk to someone and confirm the warranty was a good option and would cover everything. Another perfect scam. You did nothing but lie and manipulate people who are trying thier best to get back on their feet and take advantage of them.

This isnt me just being pissy, this is a bad place to do business with. I have a brand new dodge ram Hemi now, could care less about you. But you reply with sorry you were unhappy and that i didnt meet your company standards, bahahaha you do illegal things and lie to get over on people. I beg anyone whos looking for a car or truck to please find somewhere else.

This company will make you think you have a great deal and even have ypu sign paperwork all your *** covered, but when time comes well we have no clue why the sales rep sold that, we will refund you the warranty cost. Wait i would of never bought the car with out it. Well we cant help you there. Mmmmm scammed.

This has happed to so many other people, its unreal. Cant wait for the lawsuits to begin.. and before anyone adds thier two cents. Yes i contacted a attorney, sense they refunded the warranty cost.

They get away with it, and the extra little bit i paid each month for gap. Its there scam and they have it down flat to a science.

Best of luck to future buyers. Contacted me ,

Product or Service Mentioned: Bridgecrest Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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