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Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I’m sorry to hear about the experience described. Please know, we aim to work with each customer in any way we can to come to an amicable resolution as quickly as possible. We aim to remain completely transparent should a situation arise as the one described. I sincerely apologize if your experience did not align with this standard.

I would like the opportunity to look into this matter further, however, with the information provided, I am unable to. I would encourage you to send an email to with your full name, account number, and any additional details regarding your concern. Once this information is received, we will reach out to you directly within 24-48 business hours.

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I don’t even know where to begin.... bridgecrest will repo your car over $1!!!!!!

Or even paperwork you name it!!! I had my car repo’d it was then taken to Cincinnati where my car was dragged and treated like a piece of crap. When I went to pick it up my parts had been destroyed I then had to open a vendor claim! I couldn’t even drive the car home!

Then was told I would have to pay for any damage done to my car and it would be a possibility that I would get reimbursed after investigation which I’m still in the middle of dealing with...

months later!! In the midst of this repossession the title was taken out my name and the loan was closed! So I was sent paperwork that had to be notarized by the bank mind you I work bank hours so not only did I take off to drive out of town to pick up my car but I also had to take off to get the car fixed. Thousands of dollars later...

I explained that I would need an extension on my paperwork due to allllllll the time I had to take offf for them!!!!! After being told I would be granted a later time I wake up to my car gone!!!!!!!! No communication nothing! I call the towing company they told me it was towed over owing $200 which I owe bridgecrest $0!

So bridgecrest directs me not to listen to the towing company they work for them! Well if they work for you? Why wouldn’t I listen to what their telling me? Come to find out I don’t owe them it’s because my paperwork wasn’t submitted ?

After being granted a later date to turn them in. I had to pay $400 to get my car back out after just making a car payment last week and now one is due in 2 weeks! Robbery at its finest!

I would’ve rather bought a car cash money . Don’t deal with them it’s not worth your peace or headache

Product or Service Mentioned: Bridgecrest Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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