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Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I’m sorry to hear you are displeased with Bridgecrest. It is truly our goal to work with each customer in any way we can while treating them professionally and with the utmost respect. I apologize if your interaction did not reflect our standard of service and support we aim for.

I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this matter may have caused. Our goal is to be completely transparent at all times should a situation arise as the one described. With the information provided, I am unable to further research this matter. I would encourage you to reach out to our Customer Service Department directly at 800-967-8526 with any additional questions.

Maria – Online Customer Service Team

My car was repossessed in January while I was waiting on my disability payments to begin, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and missed time from work due to surgeries. In December I was rear-ended in a auto accident which dislocated my collar bone and 3 disk in my neck, I borrowed money to get my car back( which included over 700.00 in repo fees)

and a trip to DC to retrieve my car. I had to borrow money on my auto accident from a company called Momentum Funding. I received a call maybe 2 weeks later from Bridgecrest stating they were sending me paper work to return to them with copies of specified documents, I explained to her I was not comfortable sending my ID by mail, I asked if it was another way to send it, she stated it had to be done by mail. when I received the documents I made copies on my copier and placed all the documents in the envelope they provided with a preprinted label and placed it in my mailbox well over amonth ago{which is attached at the front door of my house}. This Morning 05/29/2018 I heard a noise outside as i get to my door, I see midnight towing in the driveway of my yard, with the back end of my car on the tow, I immediately told him you have the wrong car, he responded NO At this i don't. I continued to explain my car payments are not behind while i was calling Bridgecrest. I got bridgecrest on the phone and asked them to explain why my car was being repossesd, she stated that i have a payment due on Friday,so she had to transfer me to someone else, because she was unsure as to why. I was transferred to several people before I reached someone that said my vehicle was repossesed because the paperwork received was incomplete, I asked him what was missing,he stated the people in that department{ redemption Dept would not be in for another hour, then the phone was suddendly disconnected.I immediately call back and spoke with someone from the redemption dept{ that i was told would not be in for an hour} At this time the tow driver said I can't be sittting here while you making a bunch of calls" I said I'm sorry but they have you taking my care for nothing.

This person stated that they never received the paper work, and I was driving illegally because my car was not registered or titled in my name, I let him know that on the previous call I was told that they received the paperwork but it was incomplete, he asked me to hold then came back and said that was an mistake they never received the paperwork. I asked what i needed to do now that they took my car without just cause because I did send the paperwork.he stated He would overnight the paperwork and it may take a couple days depending on the mail,I stated overnight does not take a couple of days.He then stated i would have to pay 300.00 and if my car is moved it will increase the amount.I asked how long before they move my car he stated between 24- 48 hours. I ended the call and called DMV, I explained the situtation to the representativeand asked if my car was legal, after verifiying who I was, she stated my car is legal and registered in my name, however she had DT Assurance as the lien holder not bridgecrest, I thanked her and ended the call, I googled DT Assurance because i didnt know who they were and it seems DT Assurance changed to Bridgecrest in 04/2016. I purchased my car in 02/2016.

I also called the Hampton Police Dept, which stated they couldnt do anything because it was the bank, they did come out and the driver showed him a paper, however never let me see the paper.he showed it to the police and put it back inside his jacket.

Any help with this very stressing matter would be greatly appreciated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bridgecrest Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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