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Hello Janice,

I truly appreciate you taking time to write a review. Bridgecrest welcomes all feedback, both positive and negative, as it allows us the opportunity to improve upon our services. I’m very sorry to hear you have become dissatisfied and I sincerely apologize for any frustration you may have experienced.

Please know, Bridgecrest and DriveTime do not compete on price or try to hide it. At the time of sale, a Federal Truth in Lending Disclosure is reviewed to ensure every customer is comfortable with the financing terms offered. This document outlines the amount financed, Annual Percentage Rate (APR), finance charge, and the total amount expected to be paid throughout the life of the loan, assuming all payments are made as originally scheduled. We encourage our customers to research all aspects of their purchase prior to contracting.

Additionally, we offer simple interest loans, meaning interest accrues on a daily basis. The amount of interest per day is calculated based on each individual’s APR and the current principal balance. As the principal balance lowers, the amount of daily interest accruing will lower as well. Should extra or larger payments be made over the regularly scheduled amount, or made earlier than the original due dates, the principal balance will be lowered sooner. This, in turn, causes the amount of interest accruing each day to decrease at a quicker rate as well. We realize the APR offered may be higher than expected as we specialize in financing those with less than perfect credit. Although Bridgecrest does not offer refinancing, we encourage all our customers to reach out to third party lenders to look into all available options for lowering their APR.

Furthermore, our customers have a trade-in option available called our Champ program. To qualify for the program, the remaining principal balance must be $4,500 or less. I deeply apologize if this was not communicated to you prior to purchase.

Again, I truly apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused. It is our goal to assist our customer in any way possible, while treating each individual in a professional and respectful manner. I’m very sorry if your interaction with Bridgecrest or DriveTime did not align with this standard. Please know, we will be looking into this matter further to ensure feedback is provided to the appropriate parties. Should you be in need of any additional assistance, I’d encourage you to contact us at 800-967-8526.

Thank you,
Alicia – Bridgecrest Customer Relations
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I was told that they did not have the car i wanted and if i choose another i could trade it after one year. Lies!!!!

I kept the car a year and found the one i wanted on the website. I called to set up an appointment to trade and was told i had to owe less than $4500.00 to trade! This was NOT told to me at the time of purchase! I called my credit union and got a $16000.00 loan and called back to trade car and they still would not do it.

Said i could find a third-party to trade but of course no one would touch it because my simple interest loan had me owing three times the car value (19000.00 negative equity on a 10000.00 car).

It seems to me that you all have basically the same complaints from people and we all think you cant be trusted so maybe you should re think the way you do business...ijs Also, the local drivetime manager Brian and my agent Zane was very rude and tried to belittle me when i called and asked them to explain why i was mislead. Zane told me it was not his problem and i should contact costumer relations and i could hear them laughing as i hung up the phone...

Product or Service Mentioned: Bridgecrest Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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