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Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. I’m sorry to hear you were in an accident and hope everyone involved is doing okay. I’m saddened to hear you have become dissatisfied with Bridgecrest. We truly aim to work with each customer in any way we can should a concern arise and come to an amicable resolution as quickly as possible. I apologize if your interaction did not align with our expectations.

Please know, we understand repair concerns can be frustrating. For this reason, each vehicle comes with a 30-day/1500 mile limited warranty as well as the option to purchase an extended vehicle service contract. Should a repair fall outside of these policies mentioned, we have DriveTime’s Customer Relations Department in place to review for all possible options for assistance. I’d encourage you to reach out to them with any mechanical concerns at 888-290-0148.

Additionally, we offer simple interest loans, meaning interest accrues on a daily basis and is dependent on the current principal balance and Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Payments are first applied toward interest, then the remainder will be applied towards your principal balance. At the beginning of the loan, more of the payment will go towards interest since the principal balance is higher at this time. The longer you are in the loan, the less will go toward interest if payments are made on or before the regular scheduled due dates. Therefore, if payments are made early, more frequently, or in larger amounts, it causes less interest to be paid throughout the life of the loan.

I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this matter may have caused. I’d encourage you to reach out to our Customer Service Department directly with any additional questions or concerns at 800-967-8526.

Maria – Online Customer Service Team

I was hit by a drunk driver and forced to get a car from bridgecrest or risk losing my job. I pay 500$ average every month on a used mazda that has fallen apart with a broken break system, melted dashboard, and a broken driver seat(sOOOOO UNSAFE!).

And was told that only 20% of every month i pay even goes towards what i owe!!!! That is outrageous! I will be paying off this car for 7 years!!! On a used POS!

I hate this company. They do not care about you. They care about money and money only. Im so disappointed.

I was told time and time again How beloved your company was from your sales people, ONLY To be kicked when i was down! Fix this, this is horrible service!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2008 Mazda 3 Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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